Cloud Solutions


The ICS business broadband fibre package is designed and installed to meet your unique requirements. We use ethernet point-to-point, and VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Services) networks to integrate workshops and digital resources. The setup includes wireless hotspots, broadcast links, remote access, and VPNs. We can also assist with IP Transit.


Our Voice and Video Conferencing offering delivers significant business efficiencies and cost savings. Rather than waste time travelling between locations, our Business Broadband Fibre facilities seamless Video Conferencing that simulates debate and makes collaboration easier and more efficient.


Reliability is key in business, especially when it comes to accessing your online resources. Our hosting packages allow you to store, retrieve and distribute data from anywhere with an internet connection. Keep your business moving forward with an unbroken online presence.

Cloud Security

We offer off-site cloud storage and backups, ensuring your business will survive any catastrophe, while offering security against hackers. This includes both network security and firewall defences. Let us optimise your IT and infrastructure expenses, pre-empting avoidable disasters.

Office 365

The backbone of the modern office, allowing you to safely and securely shift your business off-site through email hosting, storage and file sharing (up to 1TB). Microsoft Teams delivers secure video conferencing for up to 250 participants, enabling you to communicate effectively around the clock. Office 365 makes connecting and collaborating easy, with chats, meetings and files combined in a single location. All kept safe and secure by MS Exchange online protection.

Cloud Servers

Bring down your operating costs and increase your efficiency by removing the need for on-site server infrastructure. This saves you time and money on maintenance problems. Our remote server package allows remote desktop access and improved data security. Most importantly, our cloud servers offer the competitive advantage of speed, allowing your business to be agile, responding to the market quickly.

Productivity Tracking

Keep a handle on the productivity of your employees working remotely with connectivity that delivers speed and bandwidth. Monitor and motivate your team with our management tools, while removing connectivity as a work disruption. We design online environments that can be used to track the productivity of remote employees, flagging concerns.