Internet Solutions

Whether you need internet for business or home, ICS will keep you connected.

Affordable and Reliable

Super-fast upload and download speeds

Capped or Uncapped

For businesses of Any Size

Fibre or Wireless packages available

Cloud Storage Options

AlwaysOn Support

We never stop monitoring your network and stay one step ahead of problems through proactive analysis. Our team is ready to assist whenever you need.

Leading Technology

ICS keeps you online with the latest technology available. Let us develop a tailored hardware plan that meets both your needs and your budget.

Specialist Installation

Our installations are quick and effective, with no major alterations. Using wireless options wherever possible, we limit your cabling and keep it out of sight.

SLA Support

ICS offers a variety of Service Level Agreement packages to suit your needs. Select a package that gives you peace of mind and let us do the rest.

Business Broadband Fibre Advantages

The ultimate business connection, helping you work fast and smart.

Faster Internet

Faster than conventional lines, with equal upload and download speeds.

Uncapped Data

Get all the data you need, when you need it. Select a package that ticks all your boxes.

Extraordinary Bandwidth

Enough bandwidth to handle streaming and video conferencing, without skipping a beat.

Dependable Connection

With less downtime and more security, fibre lets your business operate without interruption.

Flexible Solutions

Increase or decrease the speed of your package to suit your business needs and budget.

One Installation

We only do this once. Then you’re set for all additions and future technologies.

South Africa Ready

Fibre optics reduce the risk of cable theft disrupting service, with no resale value.

Added Extras

Save costs on your local and international calls with VoIP phone services.